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Kosova, Pristina, 2016: Lendi Mustafa, 19, is a trans man, the first to come out and not leave Kosovo during the transition. He wants to remain in the country and hopes to create his own LGBTQ NGO, despite operating in a climate where there is a lot of violence against women and the LGBTQ community. "The situation in Kosovo is quite fragile and, for most elders, hopeless," he said. "The war left some scars in a lot of people, they still deal with emotional and anger issues which brought us to a close-minded society, even though it's improving slowly — thanks to us, the youngsters. We have an aggressive lifestyle, in a positive way: partying and going on adventures is our most powerful weapon to fight all the taboos. It has made us face diversity and accept each other for who we are. For me, that's the most positive way to move on from the bad times we had as babies."